Sand and Stilettos is a book about life in the United Arab Emirates, by Georgina Chaplain

Sand and Stilettos is a tongue-in-cheek observation of life in the United Arab Emirates taken from the view of a single, white western female well into her forties. Early mornings by the creek, or on her balcony, even whilst at the deli counter in the local supermarket, each day brought a tale to tell. This is a story about living, working and playing in quite possibly one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Where else would you expect to be dodging a Maserati or an open top Bentley, as you cross the road on your way to the beach? Tales from the magic carpet, so to speak, tell of the hilarious nuances of language, give sound advice - how to get things done - handling nosy taxi drivers and very long queues, for example. There are anecdotes with regard to going about finding the perfect night out in Dubai, jazzing things up in Abu Dhabi, falling in and out of 'love', twenty eight year olds falling at our feet...'too much beautiful' and ' you will my heart break...'; being referred to as Miss England, amongst other things. Included in these journal entries, are tales from other far away and exotic places. Tea plantations under monsoon skies; sunsets, sunrises, champagne cocktails; 24carat gold dusted cherries; bustling souqs; chatty carpet sellers; magic tailors immersed in a variety of cultures and traditions; dialogues every good book has one - a love story.

Where to buy Sand and Stilettos

The book was first published by Author House UK in February 2011.
It is available for purchase online at:
Amazon (click here) Author House (click here) Waterstones (click here) WH Smith (click here)

Format: Hardback/Soft cover/eBook. It is hoped that a percentage of all sales of Sand and Stilettos will be donated to Cancer Research UK/UAE in memory of those we have lost, and for the courage of those who have lived to tell the tale of surviving cancer.

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